Want to Feel Better? Which of 10 approaches you can test for yourself will help YOU feel better in five days?

Explore Wellbeing and Contribute to Science – while you sleep –

If you would like to feel even a little better, more rested, happier, nicer, less stressed, and contribute to science – all while you sleep – we are keen to work with you.

Here’s how:

  • we’re keen to find out what skills during the day in particular help you sleep better at night and help you – effortlessly – feel better during the day.
  • we’re running a short (fortnight) study using an app you’ll be invited to download, to find out what scientifically validated strategies for better sleep actually work for you.
caffeine – does it affect your sleep if you have it after 1? after 3?

The side effects of better sleep include:

  • better fat burning
  • better muscle building
  • better memory
  • better learning
  • being more relaxed
  • being testably less stressed
  • having more energy
  • better sex

Would you like to learn how to improve your sleep QUICKLY and contribute to science?

If so, we’re inviting participants to take part in our Sleep Better Study – Especially targetted

  • for students: to help you learn how to sleep better before exams
  • for staff: to help you sleep better to reduce stress, improve focus, burn fat, feel happier, perform better at work and at home.

Please sign up here to indicate your interest, and we’ll follow up with you to make sure you get our app – that works on Android and iOS – to guide you through the study – and are ready for the study when it begins.